Genie Butler is a service platform that always seeks to provide security and trust to suppliers and customers, with 24 hour service for any questions during the process to offer or acquire services.
We have filters and tools to prevent and avoid if you want to cause a scam to customers when making their payments or transactions, through other providers. It also has an encrypted security system to ensure the security of transactions.


We know that your privacy is essential, that is why our suppliers comply with the requirements in their specifications, so that the client does not have any complaints when obtaining their service.
The services that have their certification are of higher quality, their specifications are met to the letter, they are detailed and clear, to avoid errors and inconveniences to the client as much as possible.


That is why it is essential that all our suppliers register on our platform and therefore also our clients.


You have the option of going to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or the facility of asking the service provider directly any questions you have about what is offered, also about how to carry out the process to obtain the desired service, or any recommendation. if you wish after having enjoyed our services. Your trust and opinion are valuable to us.

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